Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today,

So that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

Hebrews 3:13


Welcome to My Winning Words!   


This website has been created for the strength, encouragement, comfort and support of those striving to live a life pleasing to God by practicing the spiritual discipline of loving self care.


Shortly after joining a Christian health and weight management program, I decided to take Hebrews 3:13 to heart. Writing is both my joy and my passion, as is scripture memory.  For years I have been collecting inspirational quotes and teaching stories as part of my own faith journey. As a Bible teacher it has long been my fervent desire to illuminate God’s Word in a manner that gives new clarity and understanding—and results in changed lives. With this in mind, I asked the Master to take these simple ingredients and weave them together so that I could be a source of hope, strength, comfort and encouragement to the others in my little accountability group.


The next morning I began sending each person in my group a daily devotional message via e-mail. That was over seven years ago, and what is now called Winning Words grew out of those humble beginnings! As is always the case, God answered my simple “please use me as a self-care encourager” prayer in ways far beyond my ability to ask, or even imagine. What began as a daily e-mail encouragement to seven women has increased well over a hundred fold!  Today Winning Words goes out to thousands of readers, both in the United States and in countries throughout the world. Working in and through me, God continues to use this simple ministry to touch hearts in need of strength, encouragement and hope as they strive to live a life pleasing to their Master by caring for their bodies as a reflection of His great love for them.  


My Winning Words is the natural outflow of the Winning Words ministry. Please use these pages as part of your commitment to health, wellness and a life that brings glory and honor to your Master. If you have stumbled upon this website and would like to subscribe to Winning Words, a free daily self-care devotional, you can use the link below to enter your information.


How thankful I am that the God of heaven and earth has chosen to use me to bring His encouragement to those who are seeking a right relationship with Him by practicing the spiritual discipline of self care. God does indeed sustain those who seek to please Him in all aspects of their lives; those who practice the spiritual discipline of self care as a reflection of their love for their Master. Jesus Christ came to earth in human form so that we could be set free from a life of defeat and despair and be restored to health and wholeness. Through His grace we now strive to live a life pleasing to Him.


May God bless and keep you and yours as you continue to keep Him first in all things.



Elizabeth Crews

Westmorland, CA

September 2009


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